6 Cases In Which Wisdom Teeth Must Be Unplugged

① of the wisdom teeth: the emergence of incomplete wisdom teeth can easily cause periodontal inflammation, recommended to unplug, long pain than short pain; 

② have decayed wisdom teeth: If the wisdom teeth decay, in addition to a very simple occlusal surface is not deep cavities can be mended.

Those adjacent surface cavities, need very good technology, and very deep, and even need root canal treatment, recommended extraction, Thu; 

③ wisdom teeth: The wisdom teeth are 45 degrees around the top of the second molar.

If this wisdom tooth is not pulled, it is easy to cause the adjacent tooth pathological changes, the serious need to remove wisdom teeth and second molar, will seriously affect our chewing function;

④-lined wisdom teeth: If the wisdom teeth itself is not growing in space, and other teeth are arranged too tightly, there will be more severe gum swelling, tooth pain and other conditions.

To avoid this recurrence, it is recommended to remove the inflammation as soon as possible after the regression; 

⑤ is not easy to clean wisdom teeth: Because wisdom teeth in the most inside, clean up more difficult, so even the long-position of the very positive wisdom teeth, also prone to tooth decay phenomenon.

To avoid involving other teeth, it is advisable to unplug the wisdom teeth as soon as possible; 

⑥ has no teeth to bite: if the wisdom teeth opposite to the tooth is not matched to bite, wisdom tooth excessive initiation will affect the bite, causing pain in the opposite gums. And the time is long, also may cause the size face.