Braces For Orthodontic Use Have Those

Steel Wire Bracket Appliance: The steel wire bracket appliance is an earlier orthodontic method in the orthodontic device.

And compared to other appliances, the price is the cheapest, for some difficult deformity correction effect is very ideal, but the metal bracket, mouth can see the bow wire and bracket, not beautiful, and orthodontic period of oral health care is also more difficult. Ceramic Bracket Appliance: Ceramic bracket appliance is made of high-quality porcelain powder, which fits tightly with teeth, has excellent biocompatibility and is close to the color and aesthetics of real teeth.

It has the same strength and function as the traditional bracket, but it is more beautiful than the metal, with comfortable and convenient for cleaning, but the ceramic is also fragile. Self-locking bracket appliance: self-locking bracket is a new technique appearing in recent years. It has a seemingly small change, but it has brought significant changes to the fixed orthodontic technology.

It is to add a valve device on the bracket, the main advantage is that it can greatly reduce the friction between the steel wire and the bracket, speed up the correction speed, and thus shorten the corrective treatment Tongue-side stealth appliance: the tongue-side stealth appliance is a wire appliance that is affixed to the side of the tongue of the tooth, thus invisible to the patient's entire treatment process, thus achieving invisibility, not transparency.

The lingual orthodontic process is relatively complex, so the movement will be slower, the general correction time is relatively longer. Non-BRACKET Stealth appliance: No bracket stealth Appliance is what we are talking about the invisible braces correction, the real sense of the invisible teeth correction, the use of teeth according to the volume of dental production of transparent braces, appliance is very thin, non-toxic harmless, transparent, smooth, comfortable, is currently used in adult dental correction of the most use of a way, But the price is also the most expensive.