Four Things That Are Most Feared For Dentures

1, dirty.If the dentures are not cleaned thoroughly, it can cause a lot of trouble: bad mouth odor, food taste, no appetite, decreased gastrointestinal function, and may cause ulcers or other diseases caused by bacteria, and even lead to tooth decay.

2, dry. This is the most easily overlooked by the elderly. Many old people take off dentures, conveniently on the table, or with paper casually wrapped up, so not only unsanitary, but also easy to fake teeth "injured." 

3, hard. Use dentures to eat hard or sticky foods, prone to break or dislocation, and even damage the gums. Therefore, to eat less brittle bones, sugar cane, nuts, glutinous rice, dumplings and other food. 

4, Hot. Some old people like to drink hot tea, eat warm things, but after wearing dentures will pay attention to. Dentures themselves are not afraid of cold, not afraid of heat, not afraid of excitant food, but the gums can't stand these.