What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?

Compared with traditional dentures, dental implants have many advantages. It is lifelike, beautiful, good stability, the chewing function is much better than the traditional movable dentures, without grinding the good teeth next to the teeth, to maximize the protection of the patient's healthy teeth, small size, to minimize the impact of dentures on pronunciation; comfortable and sanitary, not afraid of cold, but also afraid of acid;

Whether it is bad tooth decay too deep, or traumatic cause tooth need to unplug, implant teeth is the most comfortable and beautiful choice, so that you do not have to wear "look at the fake, wearing false" dentures. The upstart of the implant: if there are teeth to be removed, the conventional method of repair is to remove the tooth first, and to begin denture fitted after 2-3 months after the extraction of the tooth. If it's a front tooth, it's a bad time to say it.

Even if you make a plastic temporary dentures, it will not look good to where, and the foreign body feeling obvious, wearing very uncomfortable. The next option is to set the movable dentures or fixed dentures. Active dentures to be picked every day, it is really troublesome! Wearing uncomfortable, will also expose the clasp (metal hook), very influential aesthetics. Fixed dentures, while aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable, require grinding of teeth on both sides of the tooth.