What Are The Effects Of Teeth On The Transport Potential?

1; The number of people who have good luck, few teeth, bad luck, healthy people with more teeth than the body better, whereas the teeth are less healthy. 

2; look at luck; teeth, energetic, energetic, good interpersonal relationship.

But careless, not careful, small teeth, hard work, very perseverance and careful calm, endurance is also full, under the teeth are very small and very dense people, alert heart is very strong, no matter what things are not easy to believe others, but too short on the bad luck, face small teeth big people, is rushing to work life 

3; When you speak, you do not reveal your teeth, and even if you are not wealthy, you will become dignitaries.

This kind of people will be too much money, but also survive

4, the teeth of the long front and back of the person, temperament outspoken irritable, do the most easily impulsive, in the emotional most vulnerable, in the feelings of a but after the investment is difficult to extricate themselves, it is easy to get bogged down in the 

5, an old saying of the folk: "Tiger tooth Life Hard", female life long have tiger tooth many for marriage is not smooth, but long have tiger tooth, often good fortune is better. If a man has tiger tooth, face Zhou Zheng, stature tall and symmetrical, dignified appearance is your phase, but the body is short, then disfigured, the luck is less than the ideal, Tiger tooth can not casually pull