What Is The Most Comfortable Type Of Dentures?

1. Active teeth (prosthetic teeth)

The so-called movable teeth, that is, plastic dentures connected to the metal, and then the metal parts stuck in the remaining natural teeth to repair the missing parts.

Advantages: Less tissue damage in the remaining oral cavity, the production process is relatively simple, the price is low.

Disadvantage: Trouble (need to pick and wash every day), the initial strange feeling obvious, denture base on the mucous membrane, bone tissue for support, so it will cause physiological stimulation, long-term use, the inevitable bone resorption, causing the alveolar bone gradually atrophy phenomenon.

2. Porcelain Teeth

Porcelain teeth This should be heard a lot, medicine called "Fixed bridge" or "fixed porcelain teeth." Advantages: Easy to clean, no need to pick and wear, no foreign body feeling.

Service Life 5-10 Years

Disadvantage: Must wear two teeth, this damage is irreversible destructive repair.

3. Implant Teeth

Dental implant as a new oral technology, known as the current lack of teeth the best way to repair.

Advantages: Dental implant life, materials, precision and accuracy are better than traditional dentures, and the appearance has reached the level of the true, the service life can be up to 40 years. Disadvantages: There are certain requirements for oral condition and expensive,